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One Bad Apple

I generally try to stay on technical topics, because my understanding is that's what readers want. But events are overwhelming and I believe that not speaking out is now a political choice.


SLR as a Webcam

As I built out my home studio to record videos for my distributed classes, I was lucky enough to be able to find an in-stock HDMI capture card, but those are harder and harder to find. As it turns out, you may be able to avoid the need for that with a mix of apps.


Code: science and production

Phil Bull presents an interesting, generally convincing, argument in 'Why you can ignore reviews of scientific code by commercial software developers', with a couple of exceptions.


SDL Article in CACM

Most of my time, I'm helping organizations develop the skills and discipline to build security in. We give the best advice available, and I recognize that we're early in developing the science around how to build an SDL that works.

cover of Bounce by Matthew Syed

Bounce and Range

I want to talk about two books: Bounce, by Matthew Syed and Range, by David Epstein. I want to talk about them together in part because Range is explicitly framed as a response to Bounce.

an open book with a pen and journal

Worthwhile Books (Q1 2020)

These are the books I read in the first quarter (and forgot to mention last quarter) that I think are worth your time.


The COVID Pandemic

I know many readers are here for the threat modeling, and I could claim that this is the “what are we going to do about it” post, which it is, but I don't want to have to blog all threat modeling all the time. So this is the “Seattle is a month into COVID-19” post.