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Fast, Cheap and Good, Redux

A new paper on how fast, cheap and good can combine into something we usually discount. A screenshot of the paper's header

I'm happy to announce a new article, Fast, Cheap, Good: Lightweight Methods Are Undervalued. The title really says what I want to say: we don’t like to study fast and cheap techniques, which are, in practice, good enough for satisficing humans. Too often, we discount such things, and instead believe the signs car mechanics hang on their walls.

This is a more formal analysis of some of the intuitions that led me to write Fast, Cheap and Good: An Unusual Tradeoff Available in Threat Modeling, and a more formal version is in press. There's also both epub and HTML versions (created with tex4ebook, htlatex respectively) if you prefer one of those.

Brett Watston pointed out tex4ebook which basically works, and I'll add epub and html versions soon. Also, I'd like to make a epub or html version available for accessibility, but Pandoc won't parse the tex that overleaf produces for use with Arxiv. Advice on simple ways to do it would be appreciated.