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People fighting at the top of the world

No guns please

Art imitating life in ways you didn’t think possible

An AI generated image with a watermark of dreamtime


Watermarks show us wierd edges of AI work

The Gavle Goat on Christmas, 2022

Gavle Goat

A straw goat that has not been burned.

An enourmous straw goat

Gävle Goat, 2021 edition

There are some things the pandemic can't stop. Gävle, Sweden putting up a straw goat is one of them.

Gavle Goat

The Gavle Goat is up

For 51 years, the gallant people of Gavle, Sweden, have been putting up a straw goat, and arsonists have been burning it.


Happy Pi Day!

There's only a few times to use a pie chart, but to help you celebrate, there's how to keep track of your intake: