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Gävle Goat, 2021 edition

There are some things the pandemic can't stop. Gävle, Sweden putting up a straw goat is one of them. An enourmous straw goat

If ever we needed a metaphor for human perseverance and courage, I'm pretty sure we would not pick the town of Gävle, Sweden putting up a large straw goat and daring arsonists to burn it down. And yet, the story speaks to something in all of us. Or maybe it's just an entertaining holiday tradition in a time when outdoor activity is more important than ever.

Either way, the 2021 goat is now up, and you can read all about it on the towns website, or this impressive history thread at forums.

Update, Dec 17: And... another one's gone...

Photo: Daniel Bernstål. Previously: Gavle Goat at Shostack & Friends