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No guns please

Art imitating life in ways you didn’t think possible People fighting at the top of the world

One of the plotlines in Neal Stephenson’s Termination Shock revolves around increased tensions between China and India, fought at the “line of actual control”, with an agreed ban on guns. The sides invest tremendous amounts in national pride in this strangely-constrained way of fighting. And the wierd thing is — the “no guns” agreement is a real thing.

Last year, the Economist wrote about how things are really heating up.

Midjourney: “two people are fighting with sleek carbon-fiber versions of traditional polearms. They're wearing fancy brightly colored tight modern mountaineering gear in team colors, made from high-tech fabrics. It's high noon. tall, craggy, snow-covered mountains frame the scene. cinematic, superhero movie. dramatic lighting, bright --ar 8:3”