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My David Prouse Moment

Searching my feelings as the audiobook of Threats is released. A screencapture from Star Wars, the first time we hear Darth Vader speak

I have some exciting news, and ... I’m terrified of my David Prouse moment.

Who’s David Prouse you ask? You’ve seen him. You’ve been terrified and thrilled by his iconic performances.

He was the original Darth Vader. And no one told him that his lines had been re-recorded by James Earl Jones. He learned while watching the movie for the first time, in the theater.

And that brings me to my exciting news: The audiobook of Threats is now available!

It’s 10 hours, 7 minutes and you can get copies from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and probably other places.†

When I read my book, I read it in my voice. I don’t know what it would be like to hear someone else doing it. That said, since someone asked, I have no reason at all to doubt the work of Joe Hempel here. I’m sure he’s done an awesome job.

If you’re a fan of audiobooks, I encourage you to get your copy. It’s available wherever ummm, fine audiotapes are sold? 😁

† People often kindly ask where I make more money. Thank you, and ... I don’t actually know. The Amazon link is an affiliate link, I get a little extra, but then there’s the free audible trial. How do those balance out on the bottom line? I really don’t know. Do what’s easy for you.