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Application and AI roundup - May

This month runs quite heavy on AI, but the CISA Safe by Design and Default document is going to be important for the next several years. an AI reading a book

CISA’s new guidance on safety by design and by default is another large brick in an emerging strategy, and it’s not just a US strategy. The document carries logos from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, the “five eyes” intelligence alliance, but also the Germans and Dutch, with multiple agencies stepping up from several of those countries. This sort of alignment is hard work, and will likely be followed by regulation and law in many of those places.


AI meets Appsec

Static analysis tool Semgrep announced a GPT-4 integration. Their first example is fascinating: the code hardcodes a password, and they say it’s safe to ignore. I think it’s not safe, the sample code should show how to get the password from a secret store API. I had a good conversation with their folks about the tradeoff, and what I take here is the threat and the need for vigilance as we think about tooling.

Application Security

In her cybersecurity roundup where I saw both of those, Violet Blue asks the same question: “How do medical research devices get made without passwords? How do Google employees stay employed at Google or anywhere on Earth after releasing a security tool to move critical security data with no end-to-end encryption?” My answer comes in two parts. First, what to look for is far more obvious with hindsight. These systems are big and complex, and security is a wierd niche, and so building security into engineering processes is hard. The second part is that historically, Google has hired really smart people and trusted them to do the right thing. They’ve been described as ‘process alergic,’ and that works better when you’re smaller.

The reason I wrote Threats is that ‘security is a wierd niche’ is less and less acceptable as a reason to be insecure. As that happens, we need to make it easy to access the knowledge that people need.

I’ll close this month with a quite unusual denial of service: a performance of the musical The Bodyguard was halted after a fan sang along.

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