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25 Years of Appsec - Appsec Global

Adam is delivering the opening keynote for OWASP Global Appsec 2021 with a 25 year restrospective on the history of appsec and a look into its future. screenshot from video: breaking into threat modeling

Adam is delivering the opening keynote for Global AppSec US 2021, 25 Years in AppSec: Looking Back, Looking Forward.

25 years ago, Adam was working at a bank doing source code security reviews, and got permission to release internal [source code review] guidelines. 15 years ago he joined the Microsoft SDL team ... hear some highlights and some lowlights from the journey, and more importantly, what can we expect over the next 25 years? Where is appsec going? What new frontiers will we get to secure? What problems will still be with us?

The slides are here. The most useful links are below: