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Emergent Chaos Choicepoint Posts

I have added a Choicepoint category, which is great if you want to see all my posts on Choicepoint [link to no longer works] on one long page, and I am no longer updating this roundup.
I’ve been posting a lot on Choicepoint. I’ve done a number of roundup posts listing things I find interesting around the web, and a number of analysis posts.



An Invitation

The themes that pervade the my writing on the Choicepoint case, privacy, power, liability, the economics of all of these and the intersection of security technology and privacy are recurrent themes in this blog. If you like what you see, please, take a moment and read more.

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  • The Stampede Continues

    It’s been a little crazy over in my part of the world and I’ve only now recently caught up on all the blogging on ChoicePoint. In light of all the bloggers (see Emergent Chaos for a sampling) who are piling…

  • Short ones…

    Hop on a plane, land, and discover Adam has posted 13 blog entries, including one that asks for more topics! Congrats on 500 posts! He posts on some testimony: ” the only part of our national security apparatus that actually…

  • While You Wait

    While you are taking your shoes off and throwing away any butane lighters you might have on you as you wait in a TSA line, take a moment to check out the following: Adam Shostack of Emergent Chaos has been…

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