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Choicepoint Roundup ($16,600,000 edition)

Having already posted a Feb 28th roundup a day early, I was forced to think about a new title for today’s edition, and what better than the $16.6 million dollars that ChoicePoint CEO Derek Smith and President Douglas Curling have made selling 472,000 shares of CPS since the day before the first arrest in the case? (Use Bugmenot for a login to AJC.)

  • So our first link today is to poker players (that’s right, poker players!) invoking Caesar’s Wife. Mr Smith, Mr Curling, please take notice.
  • Robert O’Harrow has a web site for No Place to Hide. Ahh, poetry.
  • MSNBC has a story on the previous 11 lawsuits against Choicepoint.
  • I don’t know what to make of these Scratchings, but felt a need to link.
  • Contrary to what Softreset thinks, and to what I implied in this post [link to no longer works] I am still down on legislation, but think if its going to come, I might as well try to help shape it. (I’m down on new laws because I think that the law of unintended consequences looms large; I’ll try to post more on this, but will be busy this week.)

2 comments on "Choicepoint Roundup ($16,600,000 edition)"

  • Chris Walsh says:

    Regulation will definitely come. With this much $$ at stake, setting the rules is critical, and all the players will want to wield influence. If the public sits by out of fear of bad law, it is bad law we shall get. We may get it anyway, but at least it won’t be doubleplus ungood, which is what we have now, and what we will certainly get more of should ChoicePoint and its ilk be the primary voices heard by legislators.

  • Harry says:

    I hope you found my post amusing, and I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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