Games for Security


Elevation of Privilege

selection of cards from Elevation of Privilege game

Designed as the easy way to get started threat modeling, and in wide use for that purpose.

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Box for Control-Alt-Hack game

Control-Alt-Hackā„¢ is a tabletop card game about white hat hacking, based on game mechanics by gaming powerhouse Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin and GURPS) and developed in collaboration with Tammy Denning and Yoshi Kohno.

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Games List

Elevation of Privilege was not the first physical game for teaching security — it was predated by at least Protection Poker, Core Impact's Exploit, and, depending on how you draw the lines, Hacker from Steve Jackson Games. However, since EoP there's been a great many games created, and Adam has maintained a list.

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Why Games are Important

Games teach. Games provide engagement and repetition, which help people learn. Many people have crafted games with explicit security learning goals. These are 'serious games,' or 'games with a purpose.' There have been academic workshops with a focus on using games to enhance learning.

Security is very serious stuff, but that doesn't mean that we can't be playful, creative, or engaging as we work.