Control-Alt-Hack Game

box for the Control-Alt-Hack game


Control-Alt-Hack® was designed to be a fun way to get people exposed to computer security terminology and to think about the role that computer security plays in their lives. We focused on making it fun to play so that people would come back and play again and, in doing so, absorb some of the educational material that we embedded within the game. Little to no technical knowledge is required to play the game. From an educational perspective, Control-Alt-Hack® is designed to help increase the awareness and understanding of high-level security concepts amongst those who play the game or interact with the cards: a player might become a little more aware of an attacker's potential ingenuity, might rethink the breadth of technologies impacted by computer security issues, or might learn about the skills involved with being a security professional. (And if you're already knowledgable about computer security, you'll probably notice a bunch of the inside jokes or references to real incidents and events.)