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Trainings at Global Appsec 2021

Tremendous training opportunities in threat modeling and other topics at Appsec Global 2021 People being trained in a conference room

The trainings for OWASP Appsec Global have just been announced! There's a great set of trainings, and I want to highlight how much threat modeling training is available from a variety of trainers:

  • Advanced Whiteboard Hacking (2 day, Steven Wierckx)
  • Introduction to Threat Modeling (1 day, me)
  • Threat Modeling: A Master Class (1 day, me)
  • Threat Modeling: From None to Done (1 day, John DiLeo)

There's also other training courses available:

  • AppSec - Secure Coding and DevSecOps (ASCD) (3-day training course, Magno Logan)
  • Browser Fingerprinting - Past, Present, and Future (1-day, Nick Nikiforakis)
  • Hacking Modern Web apps - Master the Future of Attack Vectors (2-day, Anirudh Anand)
  • Introduction to Web Application Hacking & Bug Bounty (3-day, Ben Sadeghipour)
  • Kubernetes Security Masterclass (2-day, Nithin Jois)
  • Snakes Crawling On The Web: Finding Security Vulnerabilities With Python (1 day, Ruben Ventura)

Photo by Leon