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Open training: Threat Modeling for Champs (October)

Seats are available in our October training An AI generated image of people learning

Calling all technology professionals!

Are you ready to strengthen your ability to deliver rock-solid secure systems? Look no further than our October Threat Modeling for Security Champs course!

👨‍🏫This live-instruction Security Champs course kicks off October 2, and features 5 instructor-led discussions over a week in addition to individual, self-paced work. Our Security Champs 301 is equivallent to a 1-day in-person course, spanning 11 hours, including classes and homework. (Hey, things take a bit longer online!)

🔐As the name suggests, we recommend having prior experience, often from either our Engineers or Intensive Threat Modeling Courses. Familiarity with multiple ways to answer each question of the Four Question Framework is a great indicator that you’re ready.

📝 Ready to Assess Your Skills? Not sure if this course is the right fit for you? Take our short skills assessment to gauge your readiness for Threat Modeling for Security Champs.

💪Invest in your career and master the art of threat modeling with us! Secure your spot today and join the ranks of security champions!