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Inherent Threats (Whitepaper)

We have an awesome new white paper available! An image of the whitepaper cover

The latest Shostack + Associates whitepaper is Inherent Threats. Over the last year, I’ve been refining an observation: Some problems are just inherent. It rains a lot in Seattle. That’s just an inherent part of living here. But we don’t have to leave the windows open. And that applies in security as well. Some threats are inherent.

As my students consider the things that can go wrong with our system and what we’ll do about them, an important aspect of threats starts to emerge. Some are easily fixed, but others are not. This can be frustrating and confusing: “We’re asking the same questions, and coming to strangely different answers!”

This whitepaper breaks that down. On behalf of my whole team, we hope you find it useful!