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Text captured from GPT-3 Text from GPT3, claiming that terminators cannot take over the world in the same way that real machines or robots could.

On the OWASP Slack, DS posted:

Chatgpt can create entire STRIDE libraries. Just a sample of spoofing threats for a backend to backend service in kubernetes. I did this with all other type of threats.Also, created a library for client side threats in a similar fashion. Saved hours of work 😅 May not be perfect, but that’s why you need a human layer to it to make right decisions ;)

Andrew Feeney:

 @webber described ChatGPT as Mansplaining As A Service, and honestly I can't think of a better description. A service that instantly generates vaguely plausible sounding yet totally fabricated and baseless lectures at an instant with unflagging confidence in it's own correctness on any topic, without concern, regard or awareness even of the level of expertise of it's audience.

* Most threats are simpleMost threats are simple * surprise * reason by analogy * habituation * * Great TM vs run of the mill TM * book