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Blackhat Training Early Bird

The early bird pricing for my Blackhat training expires this Friday A bird in a field of flowers

The biggest threat to worms isn’t early birds, it’s rain. The wrong focus for your threat modeling can lead to... I dunno. Rain seems pretty hard to defend against if you’re an earthworm.

But there is a threat of price increases, and you can defend that by signing up for my threat modeling training by Friday, when the early bird pricing ends. And in fact, this is a great example of why we threat model before we manage risks: The price increase is a near-certainty. You don’t need to try to assess likelihood, you just jump directly to the mitigation: sign up now!

Blackhat has two Intensive courses are on offer, one August 3-4, and one August 5-6.

We offer the best threat modeling training available. It’s hands on, practical, and led by me personally. We get rave reviews, and people regularly reach out to tell me that they’re still using the skills they learned years later. So? Sign up today.

Image by midjourney (“a movie frame from a 1940s disney movie of a bird in a field full of flowers. The bird has caught a worm in its beak and is pulling it from the ground. the bird is wearing a black cowboy hat. --ar 19:9” 19:9? Yeah, it was a typo, and the images at 16:9 came out worse.)