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Leveraging our training platform

How we leverage a platform for great training People getting training

At Shostack + Associates, we’re always improving our training. Reflecting on my instructional journey helped crystalize how we innovate with each iteration. The first time I was asked to deliver a threat modeling training, I had no clue how. But after being thrown into the deep end, I found this huge field of study in pedagogy, instructional design, delivery, and more.

Fast forward to 2024, and we’ve developed great training and delivery. With a mix of in-person to virtual to self-paced threat modeling curriculum, our content has gone through years of refinement. We have subtitled videos, crisp exercises, instructor guides, timing sheets, and more. After each training, our team meets internally to reflect, revise, and problem-solve.

We’re still improving with each course. And as May is around the corner, I am excited to share how we’re leveraging our learning platform for the Northeastern Archimedes Center for Health Care and Medical Device Cybersecurity team!

We didn’t want this Essentials course to exist within a vacuum. Unlike other courses which run from nine to five and then stop, we want to support a learning journey. And so we give people a chance to jump in before the formal start of class to access pre-recorded videos, and see the assignments. After the training and conference, there’s optional videos and an office hours session, along with take-home resources for their workplace. We learned from students how early access to the course material and an office hours session can really help them turn learning into doing.

Seats are still available for this upcoming, in-person Threat Modeling Essentials Course on Tuesday, April 30th. You can register here and be aware that you need to sign up for the core conference and the training separately.