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Facebook and "your" photos

Facebook Changes Photo Memories to No Longer Show Your Ex-Boyfriends or Ex-Girlfriends:

In response to numerous complaints, Facebook has changed its Photo Memories sidebar module to no longer display friends who a user was formally listed as in a relationship with. [Sic]

But it’s not just about selective remembering because “Your Memories Will Be Rewritten.” [link to no longer works]

That’s right Ilsa, we’ll always have Paris. At least once we set our status to “It’s complicated.” Otherwise, Facebook will surpress it all. And we can remember that lovely Dom Pérignon™ we drank while we were there. It’s funny, I remember Louis bringing out something else and threatening to water his garden with it. I didn’t think we were drinking Dom, but it’s obviously there in our photos.

2 comments on "Facebook and "your" photos"

  • Rick says:

    Doesn’t it mean “formerly”. It doesn’t make sense as “formally”.

  • Adam says:

    I think by “formally” they mean “as defined in our database; having set ones status to “dating”

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