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Because Money Is Liberty Coined

I really love these redesigns of the US Dollar:


There’s a contest [link to no longer works], and I like these designs [formerly linked to but udated] by Michael Tyznik the most. On a graphical level, they look like money. He’s integrated micro-printing, aligned printing (that $5 in the upper left corner, it’s really hard to print so it works when you look at light) and moire patterns to make copying and printing difficult.

But I like them the most because money is liberty coined. As everyone who doesn’t have it knows, without money, you have far less freedom. As the government takes more and more of our money and decides what to give us, our ability to make choices to pursue our own happiness diminish. As we make fewer choices, we lose the habits and lessons of liberty.

Further, as you have more money, you have more choices. You have more ability to take control of your life and make more choices. As you get away from having just enough to get by, you have money to play with. You have the ability to make decisions and implement them. Money empowers you to enjoy liberty and pursue happiness in more ways.

And with the bill of rights on the back of each one, it’s a beautiful way to tie together the money that we use with the liberty that it enables and represents.

2 comments on "Because Money Is Liberty Coined"

  • beri says:

    Can we tell them what else we’d like to see on these bills, like “we the people of the United States, etc”

  • John Kelsey says:

    The words on the bill contradict the spirit of the times. They should be replaced with sentences like

    “If it saves just one child, it’s worth it.”


    “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you shouldn’t have anything to hide.”

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