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Security Blogger Awards

We’re honored to be nominated for “Most Entertaining Security Blog” at this years “2010 Social Security Blogger Awards.” [link to no longer works] Now, in a fair fight, we have no hope against Hoff’s BJJ, Mike Rothman’s incitefulness [link to no longer works], Jack Daniel’s cynicism, or Erin’s sociability [link to no longer works].

But, really, there’s no reason for this to be a fair fight.

So we’re asking our readers to help us cheat. For the next month, whenever you see any of the judges (Mike Fratton, Bill Brenner, Kelly Jackson-Higgins and Larry Walsh) buy them a drink, mention how entertaining our story of the day was, and send us the bill.

We thank you. And remember, as you drink to our success, you’re making America stronger, strengthening your community, reducing taxes and fighting terrorism. Future generations will thank you.

2 comments on "Security Blogger Awards"

  • Dennis says:

    I’m in, if you’ll do the same for us in the Best Non-Technical Security Blog category! We’re up against Schneier and Krebs. It’s an uphill battle. I’ll start sending beers to Walsh now.

  • Chris Walsh says:

    I hasten to add that that judge is no relation. Sorry, Adam.

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