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Links To Interesting Stuff

I have a ton of tabs open in Firefox about stuff I thought would be some sweet newschool-esque reading for everybody out there.

1.) Threat and Risk Mapping Analysis in Sudan
Not really about measurement and progress, but a fascinating look at “physical risk management” nonetheless:

2.)  I thought Gunnar did a great job on these two posts:

Begin The Begin, Cloud Security :

Enterprise Security Priorities :

3.)  Simlar to Gunnar’s Security Priorities is this link from CIO mag (it’s pretty dry until the second page, so I linked to that one):

Valuing an IT Service : [link no longer works]

4.)  If Physics is simply the act of observing the world around us and building mathematical models to describe it, then here’s a fun little post on Love

from the NYT (SFW): [link no longer works]

5.)  Talk about NewSchool in practice, if you’re not subscribing to Chris Hayes Risktical blog, you’re missing out.  Here’s something he did this week that  I really liked:

The Risk Is Right [link no longer works] – one word, hardcore.

6.)  Finally, I’ve often said that even if you hate risk analysis, you’re doing it anyway.  Just in a bad, ad-hoc manner.  Here’s something from Gelman’s blog that suggests that you’re gonna have to eventually be “New School”:

Those who don’t know statistics are doomed to . . . rely on statistics anyway : It’s even got a Bill James mention!

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  • Kenneth says:

    Just like what the title said..very interesting stuff. Really got my interested.

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