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Just Landed in…

Just Landed: Processing, Twitter, MetaCarta & Hidden Data [link to no longer works]:

This got me thinking about the data that is hidden in various social network information streams – Facebook & Twitter updates in particular. People share a lot of information in their tweets – some of it shared intentionally, and some of it which could be uncovered with some rudimentary searching. I wondered if it would be possible to extract travel information from people’s public Twitter streams by searching for the term ‘Just landed in…’.


This is a cool emergent effect of people chaotically announcing themselves on Twitter, a MetaCarta service that allows you to get longitude/latitude and a bunch of other bits all coming together to make something really cool looking.

Via Information Aesthetics [link to no longer works]

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  • Chris says:

    Looking at the video, it was mentally jarring to have the paths be neither (parts of) great circles nor ballistic trajectories.

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