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As easy as dialing a phone

People often make the claim that something is “as intuitive as dialing the phone.”

As I was listening to “Dave Birch interviewing Ben Laurie,” I was reminded of this 1927 silent film:

how to dial the telephone.jpg

Ben commented on people having difficulty with the CardSpace user interface, and it not being as intuitive as having your email address being a login identifier.

Anyway, fascinating interview. Worth a listen, even if takes twice as long as learning what a dial tone is.

2 comments on "As easy as dialing a phone"

  • RAH says:

    Who says nobody listens to Dave Birch’s podcast?
    …Dave did Stefan a while back too. I hadn ‘t been paying attention, found them a few days ago, loaded ’em all up in the iPod, and had hours of paymenty-identity goodness while bush-whacking the back yard…

  • skalskemSycle says:

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