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Submitted for your consideration

I added Bank Lawyer’s Blog to my set of RSS feeds some time ago, after I came across a decent post about ID theft there.
I provide — without comment — the following quotation from a banking industry lawyer, as posted yesterday:

Near the end of the Oscar-winning movie “Unforgiven,” the young assassin who calls himself “The Spencer Kid” is shaken by his first murder, and lamely tries to justify it with the assertion, “Well, I guess he had it coming.” Clint Eastwood’s character, William Munny, a man whose life of darkness is finally coming full circle, utters the benediction, “We’ve all got it coming, kid.”
May all of us get everything we have coming to us as a result of this latest crisis, bailout or no bailout.

3 comments on "Submitted for your consideration"

  • Nicko says:

    Actually I think it was the Schofield Kid [] no longer works].
    Interestingly, the film also has another quote regarding banking oversight:
    Will Munny: Wanna help me count this, kid?
    The Schofield Kid: I trust you.
    Will Munny: Don’t go trusting me too much.

  • Having it coming to them (also known as Karma) is an example of Confirmation Bias, another example of which (astrology) we were discussing here a few weeks ago. Good things happen to good people; bad things happen to bad people; there is a natural justice in the stars.

  • Chris says:

    When I first saw Unforgiven, and Munny uttered the “we all have it comin'” line, I instantly thought of Keynes’ “In the long run, we’re all dead”.

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