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Write Keyloggers Professionally!

keylogger.jpg has a job for you if you need some high-paid work — write a remote keylogger.

Here are the project requirements:

We need a keylogger that can be installed remotely.

The main purpose is that the user A can send an email with a program to install (example: a game or a funny program) to the person B. When the person B install the program on his computer, he is installing at the same time an invisible keylogger on his computer. Then the person A is receiving the report by email of every keystrokes that the person B is doing on his computer.

They only want to pay $250 to $750, which seems fair given that the requirements don’t include undetectability. For that low a contract price, it seems only fair to give the victim a fighting chance.

Photo “Keylogger 1.0 Beta” by soulrift.

3 comments on "Write Keyloggers Professionally!"

  • Nick Owen says:

    Excellent! Note that the poster lists their location as the Russian Federation.

  • Vitaly McLain says:

    I like how, except for C/C++, all the requirements relate to web development. AJAX is probably the funniest of them all. I guess they’re looking for a trendy Web 2.0 key logger, complete with gradients and badges on the logo.

  • Eric says:

    They’re too lazy to Google it and find Blazing Tool Perfect Keylogger already does this?

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