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King Log or King Brutalist

brutalist third church of christ.jpg

A Christian Science church near the White House filed suit against the city on Thursday, accusing it of trammeling religious freedom by declaring the church a historic landmark and refusing to allow church leaders to tear it down.

The building, a stark structure with walls that soar toward the sky, is an eyesore or a work of genius, depending on who is discussing it. The 37-year-old church was designed by Araldo A. Cossutta, who had been an architect in I. M. Pei’s firm, and declared a landmark in December.

Supporters of preserving the church, the Third Church of Christ, Scientist, say it is a sterling example of a style of architecture called brutalism, which is identified by repetitive geometric design and raw concrete. (“Church Sues over Landmark Status”=

Me, I just think there’s something between irony and schadenfreude in there not only being a “brutalist” style of architecture, but that Washington DC wants to preserve it, over the objections of those subjected to it.

(Not to mention the questionable justification for the government creating and keeping a list of historic landmarks which their owners then must maintain.)

Photo: Washington DC 3rd Church of Christ Scientist, Amy.Arch

2 comments on "King Log or King Brutalist"

  • tim says:

    There is a building a few blocks from my house that was originally built as a Synagogue. The jewish congregation built a new building and sold the building to a non-jewish congregation (Universalists perhaps? I don’t really know) a few years ago. Part of the belief system of the new congregation is a simple basic lifestyle. They wanted to remove the stain glass windows of the building and replace with clear glass. They were going to donate them to another Synagogue. And they went so far as to ask for the blessing of the old congregation before doing so. The old congregation happily gave their blessing.
    Well when word leaked the local neighbors (none, of which, were part of the old or new congregations) went ballistic. Town meetings where held, the church was picketed, and editorials penned.
    The stain glass windows are still there. Some peoples priorities are rather screwed up.

  • Chris says:

    Ya call that brutal? Boston City Hall makes it look like Monticello. ;^)

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