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Instant Ice Age

Science reports in, “The Year the World Froze Over:”

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but nearly 13 millennia ago Europe was plunged suddenly into a deep freeze that lasted 1300 years–and the change happened in little more than a year, according to new data. The evidence also suggests that strong winds, not ocean currents, drove the rapid climate change.

Well worth reading.

2 comments on "Instant Ice Age"

  • dbs says:

    Can we have this happen now? Nothing like a global environmental disaster that can’tbe blamed on anyone to shake up the world a bit. I wonder how a moder society would react.

  • anon says:

    It would react as it always does – by using junk science to advance whatever agenda it feels compelled to advance. “The volcanoes would NEVER have blown if we used less [oil/beef/paper/stock options]!”

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