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Off to Belgium

belgian beer.jpg

I’m getting ready to leave for the 2008 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium. I love this event, and I’m proud to have been involved since Hannes Federrath kicked it off as a workshop on design issues anonymity and unobservability. [link to no longer works]

I’m also happy that Microsoft has continued to sponsor an award for outstanding research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies. I used to participate in paper selection, before I took a job at Microsoft, but we are hands off as to the recipient. The award goes where the research community thinks it should go.

Finally, I’m happily reminiscing because on my last trip to Belgium, I met Andrew Stewart, leading, along a very chaotic road, to us writing The New School of Information Security.

I’ll be taking a couple of days off to get over jet lag and enjoy some fine beer and frites, and [my] blogging will be light.

Photo: some delicious beer, Awynhaus.

3 comments on "Off to Belgium"

  • Security4all says:

    Hi Adam,
    I didn’t know about that event. Seems interesting. Anyway, if you want to hook up with a fellow security blogger living in Belgium to grab some frites or beer. Just let me know. I happen to be free from work this week. I don’t know if you like them but the mussel season just started! 😉

  • HotPET? Sounds like it should be held in Amsterdam.
    Seems like beer is one of the most effective anti-privacy technologies…

  • DA says:

    B. (hope yer ben).
    grab a beer at the giraff (flemish sp?) while you’re there, in the old market. (1 of 34 or so cafe’s in that square)
    it’s a good city, i hope you get a chance to explore it.
    (M&K – hope you make it there).

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