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I said "No, No, No"

After having seen [link to no longer works] some footage [link to no longer works] of Amy Winehouse’s performance at Glastonbury, I think she needs to immediately marry Shane Macgowan, preferably as part of a reality TV show.

4 comments on "I said "No, No, No""

  • Chris says:

    Yes, I know she’s already hitched. Pity.

  • Nathaniel H. says:

    I find it funny that she has done in 20 odd years what took Keith Richards over 60. She should get a lifetime achievement award just for that.

  • Chris says:

    There’s some hope for her yet. I’ve seen Iggy Pop written up in fitness magazines. Wouldn’t have expected that 30 years ago!

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought the big news of Glastonbury was that some thought Hip-Hop should not be played at a Rock festival.

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