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Speaking of Podcasts…

What do you listen to and why?

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  • Joel Esler says:

    /me pulls up iTunes.
    Cranky Geeks — Because Dvorak is funny
    Diggnation — Because Alex Albrecht reminds me of a friend of mine, and he’s funny
    Internet Storm Center Podcast — Because I’m on it, and it’s awesome.
    LugRadio — Because it’s funny as hell, with good information about Linux
    MacBreak Weekly — Because Merlin Mann is on it, and he’s hilarious. Plus it’s about Macs. Which is a bonus.
    Network Security Podcast — Because it’s a great podcast about Network Security.
    PaulDotCom — Because Paul and Larry are good friends of mine, and it’s about Security
    SC Magazine Podcast — It’s interesting to hear different people that I know on podcasts.
    Scam School — Also funny
    SecuraBit — Network Security, and it’s funny
    The Week in Tech — because it’s TWiT. And Dvorak is on it, and he’s funny
    Totally Rad Show — Because Alex albrecht is on it, and he’s funny, but i am losing interest in this show because Alex carries it. On his back. Like a donkey.
    You Look Nice Today — because it’s funny as all get out. Funniest podcast on the internet.

  • Nathaniel H. says:

    I’ve personally never been able to get into the whole Podcast movement. Part of it is that I’ve grown up listening to NPR and AM radio. Now, I don’t think Podcasts are particularly bad or amateurish (although some most certainly are), they just do not have the “spit and polish” (professionalism?) of broadcast radio. I’ve also found that many tech. podcasts discuss news that I have already caught in my usual readings of The Reg, The Inq, Slashdot, this blog, etc.
    I have recently listened to the Network Security podcast (mainly because it was linked from this blog), and it wasn’t too bad. I also tend to say tuned to NPR’s Music RSS feed (specifically the All Songs Considered podcast).

  • Martin McKeay says:

    /me also pulls up iTunes, but notices a lot of podcasts haven’t been listened to in a long time.
    Ask A Ninja – Does Video count, especially if it’s funny?
    Career Opportunities – Cause I can always use help in my career
    Decoder Ring Theater – Cause I love radio noir theater, even if is from a bunch of Canadians
    Cyberspeak’s podcast – Brent and Ovie don’t take themselves too seriously
    PauldotCom – Larry and Paul are friends and started podcasting at almost exactly the same time I did
    Podcasting for Dummies – Again with the self-improvement
    Security Catalyst – Michael’s smart. And a friend
    Security Now! – Steve’s funny, especially when he doesn’t mean to be. And Leo’s a nice guy
    And just because I’m in them, Network Security Podcast and the Security Roundtable. Which reminds me, I need to get back to editing next months SRT podcast.

  • Martin says:

    Thanks for listening, Nathaniel!

  • phik says:

    Not a one, my man. Who has time for the spoken word?
    Though I do watch Jake and Amir.

  • Michael H. says:

    The primary one for me is “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, since I often miss it at noon here.
    NPR’s “All Songs Considered” also comes up once in a while.
    I used to listen to the Slate “Explainer” podcasts on the bus, but I don’t commute anymore.
    “Open Source Sex” only posts infrequently, but is entertaining.
    I used to watch “Ask a Ninja”, but fell off the wagon.

  • rob sama says:

    I don’t. Most of my web surfing is at work. I have very limited radio time.

  • Tamzen says:

    Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, if I don’t catch the show.
    Excellent French Pod Class which I am way behind on, because I would like to improve my rusty French.
    Irish and Celtic Music Podcast and Celtic Myth Podshow because I love all things Celtic.
    I tried listening to tech podcasts but found it very hard both because of the technical quality of the shows and the fact that I can’t listen to voice and get information out of it unless I am doing absolutely nothing else and those times are not often enough. I can’t have it on as background. I’m bad with audio books that way too.

  • Alex says:

    In our Time from BBC 4 – very little intellectual audio programming these days, IOT at least tries.
    I used to listen to MJR’s podcasts when he did them. He’s smart.
    I just listened to Adam on the Network Security Podcast today, actually.
    Outside of that – does timeshifting/downloading KCRW count as a podcast?

  • rybolov says:

    Network Security Podcast
    Occasionally TWiT:
    This Week in Law
    Net at Night
    Risky Business
    Knowledge at Wharton
    Center for Counterintelligence

  • wishi says: is very funny and often inspirating,
    Network Security podcast – I think they often know what they’re talking about
    One Man And His Mic – best demoscene podcast ever 🙂
    Hacker Public Radio – sometimes they should have better audio quality!!
    Chaosradio (Express) – CCC podcasts, the international one is in english. Express features technical topics like PyPy or so.
    Off The Hook – yes, the radio show gets podcasted, too
    OnMicrosoft/Software – sometimes interesting
    Security Now – too much ads, even in the rss feed, but it’s still in the list.
    webcast.berkeley – they’ve sometimes very interesting readings they podcast, even about computer science and information security
    I added some new podcasts, thx 🙂

  • Steven howes says:

    I only listen to a few, Stackoverflow and Security now(Nice thing about podcasts…you can skip the ads). I listen because although I read a lot of the same information online sometimes it’s nice to be hear a discussion instead of always reading, reading, reading. I also have to get some work done too so I listen to them at work. I can’t spend all day surfing. It

  • Arthur says:


  • flakoxx says:

    audible ajax
    black hat briefings,
    google developer
    hack a day
    hacker in the house
    mad decent worldwide radio
    mighty seek
    network security
    security now
    the silver bullet security
    sun deveoper network sdn
    I have free time. and that’s my only excuse.

  • Nathaniel H. says:

    @Tamzen – I have a similar issue with digesting information in an auditory form unless I’m specifically focusing on whatever is being said. I tend to just put things on in the background and tune in once and a while. It’s the same way with the radio while I’m driving.
    @Martin – No problem. It was a good show, and I will probably listen to it again.

  • John Kelsey says:

    I listen to the BBC news in Spanish, and to Dr Elmer Huerta’s little five-minute medical note thingies. I really only listen to podcasts while working out at the gym or cooking dinner–otherwise, like Tamzen, the verbal part of my brain is busy and I can’t concentrate. I like the aspect of working on three useful things (getting the news, practicing Spanish, and working out) at once….

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