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Adam on "Silver Bullet Security" Podcast

The 26th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast features Adam Shostack, a security expert on Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle team who has also worked for Zero Knowledge and Reflective. Gary and Adam discuss how Adam got started in computer security, how art/literature informs Adam’s current work, and the main ideas behind Adam’s new book The New School of Information Security. They go on to chat about Adam’s aversion to the term “best practices,” the role IEEE Security & Privacy magazine plays in bringing the science of security to a practical level, and whether the biggest problem of the CardSystems breach was the following the letter, rather than the spirit, of PCI. Also on the agenda, duck-billed platypuses, Kandinski, and books by Pynchon.

Show 026 – An Interview with Adam Shostack.

The one thing I’d like to add is that we mentioned Frank Abagnale’s Catch Me If You Can.

It was a fun interview.

2 comments on "Adam on "Silver Bullet Security" Podcast"

  • This is awesome – I’ve been following Gary’s podcast from the beginning and wondering when you’d be on it 🙂
    It hasn’t come down in iTunes yet (despite some nudging) – may have to d/l it manually.
    Well done!

  • Michael Cloppert says:

    I’m glad that IEEE Security and Privacy is getting more attention and traction. This periodical is one of the best out there for the industry – and one of the few that doesn’t get caught up in buzzword soup or fixated on temporal applications & technologies.

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