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6/16ths of Chileans personal information leaked by hacker

A hacker in Chile calling himself the ‘Anonymous Coward’ published confidential data belonging to six million people on the internet.

Authorities are investigating the theft of the leaked data, which includes identity card numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, emails and academic records.

Chile has a population of about 16 million, so that’s 3/8ths of the country.

See “ALERTA: Se filtran datos personales de 6 millones de chilenos vía Internet” (Google translated). The blogger, Leo Prieto, gets a rude awakening when he reads the law, “¿Es privada la información personal en Chile?” (see translated version)

Via PogoWasRight [link to no longer works].

¿As an aside, why doesn’t English use those awesome ‘¿’ to tell you you’re reading a question? We use the opening punctuation for quotes.

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