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Everybody Run, Crispin's Got a Blog

My buddy, collaborator and co-worker Crispin Cowan [link to no longer works] has started a blog. The first post is “Security Is Simple: Only Use Perfect Software.” [link to no longer works]

[Update: Added a link to Crispin’s home page, because some readers apparently have trouble with a search engine.]

One comment on "Everybody Run, Crispin's Got a Blog"

  • yoshi says:

    When anyone starts any discussion with Security is Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability my only comment is – “congrats – you’ve taken the CISSP test – what else do you got?”
    And I have a problem with using only “Microsoft terms” since they are only relevant to people who work within Microsoft and no one who has a job dealing with more than one OS. Which is everyone outside of Microsoft.

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