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Reactions to "The New School:" Thank you!

A big thank you to those of you who picked up the New school in your blogs and mailing lists.

Ryan Hurst says:

This is a concept I know I beleive in, one I have discussed numerous times with folks over beer; with that being said I can’t wait to get my copy to see what the Most Evil Genius thinks. (““ [link to no longer works] )

John Quarterman:

…if it’s like the material he posts in his blog, it’s a good thing.

Also, thanks to Canadian Privacy Law Blog, SamaBlog [link to no longer works], and TechnoFlak.

Most of all, thank you to those who decided to pre-order. This was yesterday afternoon:

The cover of The New School of Information Security


I don’t know when the “people who bought this also bought” gets updated, but we have no idea what’s up with the search engine optimization overlap.

Which doesn’t prevent us from again, saying “thank you!”

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  • janice says:

    What are the stats from
    It’s the same, but different. I’m curious is all.
    (this might be duplicate comment because the other one didn’t seem to show up… please delete if that’s the case)

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