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First in-depth review

Andre Gironda writes “Implications of The New School:”

Additionally, the authors immediately begin the book with how they are going to write it — how they don’t reference anything in great detail, but that the endnotes should suffice. This also put me off a bit… that is — until I got to the endnotes! Certainly from the beginning to the end of the book I was also kept in a state of constant interest thanks to the excellent writing. Even if you have read all of their past work, this book is certainly worth a read or two or three, maybe even quarterly.

He has a lot of detail in his review, while I’m just quoting the intro, blown away and grateful that someone would suggest reading it quarterly.

Thanks Andre!

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  • Thanks to Adam, Andrew, and the rest of the people who made this great book happen! When Jaquith’s book, “Security Metrics” came out, I found cheap copies on (with free shipping even!@#!) and bought all of my closest friends copies (especially the ones that rarely buy/read books). I imagine that I’ll be doing the same when this book start shipping. Excellent work, and thanks for linking to my review.

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