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People Not Being Terrorized

Recently, a group of passengers on the London Underground performed the dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in front of an unsuspecting audience. Shockingly, no one panicked. You can see one passenger move out of the way, but people otherwise just sat there and watched.

When the performance was done, the fellow-passengers applauded. Security was not called. No one was arrested nor harangued. In short — nothing happened. The Sun wrote a bemused article, Thrillseekers hi-Jackson train. Transport for London kept a stiff upper lip and said:

There are clearly occasions, like this, when everyone enjoys being entertained by some talented people.

There are other occasions where inconsiderate behaviour can spoil a journey for other passengers. Our message is simply that a little consideration to your fellow passengers can make a real difference to everyone.

I suppose that means to stay in tune, make sure you hit your marks, and try not to hit the passengers. Or else.

Well done. It should go without saying that Transport for London passengers have been terrorized. It is a tribute to the very notions of civilization and society that guerrilla theatre, properly done, is safe again. Other cities could do well to learn from London’s example [link to no longer works] as well as remember Calvin’s immortal words [link to no longer works].

2 comments on "People Not Being Terrorized"

  • Michael Jackson says:

    I’m terrified. White people can’t dance.

  • Nicko says:

    I have to say that on more than one occasion I have seen and heard some quite terrific busking on the London Underground but I’ve never been terrified by it one bit.
    As for Calvin’s immortal words, these are among his wisest…

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