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Password Fatigue


The Macquarie Dictionary of Australia has an annual contest for Word of the Year. The People’s Choice Award goes to the term that is the title of this post:

password fatigue

noun a level of frustration reached by having too many different passwords to remember, resulting in an inability to remember even those most commonly used.

Macquarie notes:

Password fatigue was the most popular word in the online voting, clearly registering a widespread dilemma of the online world.

No kidding.

The selection committee, who no doubt spend less time on their own web site than their readers do, selected:

pod slurping
noun the downloading of large quantities of data to an MP3 player or memory stick from a computer.

The committee notes:

In this increasingly tech-savvy world we live in, it seems pod slurping really is the new memory bank for us busy bees. Why carry around vast reams of documents, or CDs or anything for that matter, when you can download absolutely everything!

Pod slurping has an inventive and sensuous appeal. The committee felt that the most important criterion for word of the year should be linguistic creativity and evocativeness, rather than simple worthiness or usefulness. Pod slurping also dips its lid to pod, a potent little word of our times.

Perhaps the committee slurps from places that don’t need passwords.

Photo “pod slurp” courtesy of :: Meg ::.

2 comments on "Password Fatigue"

  • David Brodbeck says:

    I definitely have password fatigue. I miss the old days when you could order stuff online without every website demanding you create yet another account.

  • Francesco says:

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    It is a free, secure, online password manager.
    PassPack offers import/export, backup/restore, antiphishing, disposable-logins and a smart 1-click auto-login button.
    Have a look!

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