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Chill, dude.

Because Baltimore police officer Salvatore Rivieri seemingly was unable to tell he was being filmed. Pity.

There’s some infosec relevance to obsessing and overreacting to one thing, while being oblivious to another that could prove far more damaging.

4 comments on "Chill, dude."

  • Anonymous says:

    It is worth noting that he was suspended [,0,2252685.story no longer works] for his conduct, pending an internal investigation.
    While true that we don’t see what happened before the video begins, if the young man truly deserved such conduct, it would have probably been more effective to just arrest him. Better yet, get an acknowledgment from everyone that skateboarding in that area is illegal, and if it happens again, arrests will be made. Seems like a much more fair course of action that what took place.

  • David Irving says:

    New Video emerges about same bad cop in his CLOWN car.

  • CG says:

    the best part was at the end of that… is that camera on?!!?

  • A clown in a clown

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