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Citibank limiting ATM withdrawals in NYC?

Title:  Citibank limits ATM cash in city
Date Published:January 3rd 2008
The New York-based Daily News  reported today that Citibank has limited the
cash amount its  customers can take out of ATM machines.   It is being
reported that the security of Citibank's ATM machines in New York have been
seriously compromised by fraud.  According to media reports, a spokesperson
for Citibank has stated that  "Though we can't provide details of ongoing
security investigations, we are working closely with law enforcement on
this matter."  Citibank declined to specify the amount of the new
withdrawal cap.
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(Passed along in case folks haven’t heard)

2 comments on "Citibank limiting ATM withdrawals in NYC?"

  • Colin says:

    This is being blown out of proportion. Only a handful of consumers are affected, and one phone call to Citi will resolve the issue. In a way, it’s good that they stepped up security to tackle the issue, though I’m sure it’s a bit upsetting for those affected…

  • dee dee says:

    it is much more than “a handful of customers’. It is citywide, with dozens and dozens of account holders who have fallen victim to this crime. The accounts are wiped out with several withdrawals in the course of a single day. Citibank is not disclosing how many customers have been affected because they don’t want to lose current or potential customers.

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