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ANSI on Identity Fraud


Tomorrow at 2 Eastern, ANSI will be hosting a Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel.

Key analysts, industry leaders, and members of the Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP) will lead an online discussion of a new report that promotes access to and implementation of tools and processes that can help to minimize the scope and scale of identity theft and fraud.

The new report, which will be published on January 31, 2008, helps to arm businesses, government agencies, and other organizations with the tools needed to protect themselves and their customers against the theft and misuse of personal and financial information.

My colleagues Jeffrey Friedberg (Microsoft) and Julie Fergerson (Debix) co-chaired one of the working groups, and I’m pleased to see that they’ve focused on businesses and governments, not consumers. I thinkwe often spend too much time trying to blame the consumer. It’s important to understand the role that organizations play in using identifying information, and how that interacts with identity fraud, and I hope that this report will advance both that understanding, and the understanding of solutions.

To access the report or webinar, “Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel: Report and Webinar.”

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