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ChoicePoint's data quality

In a comment, Tom Lyons asked:

I have two clients who are asking me to investigate matters with Choice
Point as it relates to inaccurate employment records provide to
prospective employers. I am seeking persons who have similar
experiences to determine a “pattern and practice” on the part of Choice

I don’t know Mr. Lyons, but I can’t imagine anyone would object to “more informed, more timely decisions that positively impact society.” Feel free to get in touch with him.

One comment on "ChoicePoint's data quality"

  • Alex says:

    Thanks a lot!
    I have been trying to get a job for the past four months. I’m behind on car payments and such. I have been denied three jobs (actually two of them told me I was hired pending background check) and because Choicepoint reported a conviction on my “consumer report” I wasn’t hired (they actually told me it was due to the report too). I’m reluntent to apply anywhere that says “Choicepoint” on the application (thats everywhere now too).
    Now I did go to court many years ago (I was 18, 25 now) but my local court records state that the charges were dismissed.
    I’ve been disputing my consumer report with Choicepoint for the past month (on the 17th will be a month) and just now they have asked for my copy of my records. This has been an extremely frustrating four months. What can I do if they STILL don’t fix it? I have had to go back to these companies and show them my court records to try to get them to re-look at hiring me. It’s very embarrassing.
    Anyway, thanks again for a contact. I was wondering if it will be possible to pursue legal action.

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