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Dear FBI: Fusion requires critical mass

blackhole.jpgThe FBI runs what they call “Fusion Centers” for intelligence sharing. There’s a fascinating quote in the Washington Technology article, “Boeing to staff FBI Fusion Center:”

“As a police chief of the 19th largest city in the nation, and in possession of a top secret clearance, by law I cannot set foot unescorted in the National Counter Terrorism Center, let alone have direct access to even the most benign information,” Kerlikowske said.

So, dear FBI: Fusion requires critical mass, and it creates risks. If you re-design to eliminate all those risks, you end up without any chance of fusion.

Another little known fact about fusion: stuff goes in, stuff comes out. What you’ve got there is a black hole.

Via Global Guerrillas, “QUOTE: Security Dysfunction.” Image from Western Washington University Planetarium.

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