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Gettin’ Real Security? No.

I came prepared. I knew I would be walking in to the lion’s den with my spartan Thinkpad running Windows and Ubuntu. Sure enough there was an eerie sea of glowing white Mac logos in the conference room which reminded me vaguely of Wyndham’s Midwich Cuckoos. I surreptitiously covered the IBM logo with a white Apple sticker which came with my new iPod (a black nano).

You’re no more secure because of that Apple logo. Arthur explains that in the next post.

(Quote from NudeCybot, “Gettin’ Real Yo.”)

One comment on "Gettin’ Real Security? No."

  • Chris says:

    You want real security? You need an OpenBSD sticker [].
    (As we know, this is an extension of the principle which allows a Type R sticker to add 100 HP to a Honda Civic)

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