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Jangl, Private Phone Numbers

jangl-logo.jpgSiliconBeat has a story, “Jangl’s new angle on phone calling:”

Jangl is a new phone service that, initially anyway, will allow people to anonymize their phone numbers the same way they can their email addresses when posting on places such as craigslist. When you sign up with Jangl, you get access to disposable phone numbers that you can share with friends or strangers with whom you transact business. The phone numbers forward to your real number and anonymize in both directions.

Seems like a very cool idea. There’s lots of devils in the details, but I generated a one-shot email address to sign up for some one-shot phone numbers.

6 comments on "Jangl, Private Phone Numbers"

  • sama says:

    I imagine single women would love these.

  • jeda says:

    I have been using for dating.
    Also saw a few people using it for auction sites.
    You could start using talktrust right now..

  • Beth says:

    Amazing – this web thing!
    I saw two other people pointing out an alternative!
    I went by Jangl, and have been a TalkTrust user.
    I don’t see anything in Jangl to prompt me to switch from TalkTrust as well.
    In fact, I have four free extensions on TalkTrust and I use them to partition my interests.

  • Adam says:

    Hi Beth,
    How do you explain the extensions with Talktrust? I can’t fairly give out a “home phone” with an extension, can I?

  • Tara says:

    I don’t use someone else’s phone either, do I?
    Jangl trying to circulate so called
    disposable numbers. I’d rather have a clean extension
    rather than a disposable number previously used
    by some escort??? Would you??

  • Adam says:

    I suppose it depends on how long the numbers rest between assignments.

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