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St. Patrick would know what to do

The movie “Jaws” made a lot of money. People like money. Hence, people made derivative movies, “Orca” for example. One copycat, IMO, was so dreadfully bad that it was good. That movie was “Grizzly“, which I saw on its first run. It told the tale of a rogue bear which, you know, basically roamed around and devoured campers and other hapless humans.
Well, grizzlies are probably hard to train. Even if they aren’t, they probably are costly to feed. That’s why the economy-minded folks behind this particular film didn’t bother showing a full shot of a bear until at least halfway into the movie. Until that point, as one of my compadres in the theatre put it, the mayhem seemed to be the work of a “flying paw”. Well, alot of things have changed since 1976, but the appetite and trainability of grizzly bears are probably not among them. That’s why, when you want to make a schlocky thriller, you go in another direction. Maybe you even combine two “can’t miss” genres, and even throw in a little star power.
Coming soon to a theatre near you — “Snakes on a Plane“. I can’t wait to see it.
Bear pic from University of Saskatchewan

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