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Dear Recruiter


My name is () and I am a recruiter for (). I came across your name on an internet search
and wanted to tell you about our opportunities available within our NYC and
Houston locations.

(), a key component of the firm’s () practice, provides the building blocks for a
secure and protected business environment. Employing state-of-the-art
technology, () security professionals deliver enterprise security and
risk-based services enabling our clients to take advantage of the evolving
electronic economy in a secure manner. STS professionals have extensive
experience with information security protection, system security planning,
information security assessments and implementation, security program
development, business continuity planning, and strategic technology planning.
These services help companies validate their infrastructure; design and
implement business processes and technology solutions; address regulations; and
educate and train management and employees.

If you are interested in exploring new employment opportunities, I would love
to talk to you about…

Having read all that, I’m confident that you have a position that’s great for me. Thanks especially for taking the time to include my name in your email, and letting me know what caught your eye. I know, there’s only a little bit about me online, so I ought to be able to guess why you’d like to hire me.

Oh, I know, you’re a body shop! Thanks for the blog-fodder. If you don’t want to be treated like this, let me say a good word for my friends at Alta and Associates. They’ve never placed me, and never pressured me to take a job that wasn’t right. I’ve not yet hired through them, but we still talk, and I value that they treat me like a person. Let me also say a word for my friend ClueChick, who writes about online dating, and often encounters this pattern.

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  • Anonym says:

    If Alta and Associates folks would return phone calls they would be OK. But they do not (which makes them at least somewhat unprofessional)! As far as infosec recruiters go, Lee Kushner rocks!

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