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Australian Minister Vanstone on Stupid Security

An Australian Senator has created a bit of a kerfuffle by saying what everyone has thought in private. Bruce Schneier comments:

During her Adelaide speech, Senator Vanstone implied the use of plastic cutlery on planes to thwart terrorism was foolhardy.

Implied? I’ll say it outright. It’s stupid. For all its faults, I’m always pleased when Northwest Airlines gives me a real metal knife, and I am always annoyed when American Airlines still gives me a plastic one.

“Has it ever occurred to you that you just smash your wine glass and jump at someone, grab the top of their head and put it in their carotid artery and ask anything?” Senator Vanstone told her audience of about 100 Rotarians. “And believe me, you will have their attention. I think of this every time I see more money for the security agencies.”

Since it’s become time to talk about these things, I’ll add eye glasses to the weapons list. It’s not that glasses or wine bottle are really scary weapons. In fact, box cutters wouldn’t let you take over a plane by mid-morning on September 11, 2001. Its good to see those in power saying these things.

One comment on "Australian Minister Vanstone on Stupid Security"

  • beri says:

    Can we make a list of things that are just as deadly as box cutters?
    shoelaces, pencils, pens, belts all work just fine in various ways.
    Hands–well trained hands are very dangerous.
    I’m always amused when some girl with a pair of strappy high heeled sandals has to take them off. Where would she hide a bomb in those shoes?

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