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Small Bits: Adam Sah on Startups, RECon, Irony and Biometrics

  • Adam Sah (hi Adam!) has a great page of startup advice I hadn’t seen before.
  • Presentations from RECon are now online.
  • The University of Connecticut will be offering a Masters in Homeland Security. That’s a database I’d like to steal. Thanks to Chris Walsh for pointing it out.
  • I’ve been meaning to followup on Juxtaposition’s comment in “Debunking biometric assumptions

    Imagine lost biometric passports allowing the creation of counterfeit passports with “real” biometric data on them. And further imagine trying to prove that it wasn’t you who bombed that plane in Lebanon. “But we logged you going through security…and biometrics are _unique_ and _unforgeable_”. *Shiver*”

    Of course, they don’t need such proof. They can just pluck you off the streets and ship you off to be tortured, where you’ll confess to it all anyway.

2 comments on "Small Bits: Adam Sah on Startups, RECon, Irony and Biometrics"

  • DRT says:

    Biometrics Suck []

    Most biometric identification systems are worse than worthless. They are not secure, but give the illusion of security. Ask anyone in the crypto world about this: the false belief that you are secure is the greatest and most common weakness in any secu…

  • Saar Drimer says:

    regarding startup advice:
    Paul Graham has got many good and interesting articles with advice based on his experience.

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