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David Cowan Blogging

David Cowan (Hi David!) is the partner at Bessemer Ventures who is responsible for their security portfolio. So I’m hoping that he sticks with his new blog, “Who has time for this.”

His post about Too Many Security Startups? is fascinating:

The night I closed our investment in my 12th data security deal, Cyota, my wife Nathalie took me to see the Bourne Supremacy in Mountain View. On the way, she asked why I seem to keep investing in what sounds like the same company over and over.

His answer goes beyond the obvious “Because people keep buying them!” and explains why that is, and why it will continue to be that way.

(Via Brad Feld.)

2 comments on "David Cowan Blogging"

  • Chris Walsh says:

    The guy must be a workaholic — even *I’ve* already seen Bourne Supremacy :^).
    Looks to be an excellent blog. Thanks for the tip.

  • Nick says:

    Interesting example of a man-in-the-middle attack.

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